20. May, 2016

More brake woes!!

During  the end of last year I replaced the slave cylinder seals on the 1200 thanks to now being able to obtain the appropriate rubber  seal kits, however my attention now has turned to the   master cylinder that was  loosing brake fluid  gradually over a period of time!

These  master cylinders are very difficult to obtain now but not impossible!  But they  command an   eye watering price should you find one, but fortunately when  I stripped this one out the  barrel was in good order and no corrosion present! As it has not been allowed to. Sit with no fluid in it for long periods!.

So my evenings this week  has been took up with  this very task.

Removing the fork linkage from pedal in cab was a little fiddly probably less so if I removed the seat!? But this presents other problems so  any experience in  being an contortionist would be more than handy especially as I'm 6 ft  and 17 stone!!

The followi  pictures  are of the work carried out this week  over  several short evenings!

once again  MF parts guru David at Galaxy Horseboxs supplied the new girling seal kit, also available now is the diff lock seals!!

regards Colin