15. May, 2016

Bits and pieces!!

Busy week, not just work commitments, but carrying out further work on 1200, replace door rubber sealing strip! Adjust up handbrake linkage, replace rear number plate with correct metal pressed style, currently fitting a cb radio with an old set from the late seventies! It will come in handy harvest time! Also look the part as many tractors of that period was fitted with two way or cbs ,complete with period stinger aerial.

Also I have added additional decals that were missing! These supplied by Dave (titch) Saunders, Machinery Decals who has a good database of many tractors inc the 1200.

Currently awaiting a new set of headlights! The old ones are just suffering from age as the reflective backing has peeled and discouloured the interior of the light.

The lights left hand and right hand are coming from New Delhi India!?

Photos to follow.