Vintage Massey combine owners.

During the last year or so, since starting the website I have been contacted by many other Massey combine users and collectors, and this section is very much dedicated to them and their machines! 

Many are still in use today which is testament to their simple design and  build, But also  the fact that they  are more than capable of still doing the job today and returning an excellent grain sample, also for the smaller acreage they are a cost effective solution rather than risking your crops awaiting  an inundated contractors machine!!.

If you would like your combine  featured in this section please contact me on cloudejake or through the website.It doesn't have to be old!! I welcome newer models and current flagships!!

Thank you Colin  

This restored 415 has been extensively restored by John Brophy in Ireland, it's seen here tackling its first crop of wheat after its restoration. What a Cracker!!

John's 415 was restored in 2013 the rear hood was refabricated and replaced, it's seen here minus its original multi flow.

A classic shot here! Worthy of a 60s Massey brochure.

This original French built 892 belongs to Andrew Blagg in Nottingham, it's used on his family's farm.

These 892s are very rare now to find in this condition, but thankfully in good hands today!

This 1956 Massey Harris petrol Tvo 780 belongs to Ashley Vincent and a group of enthusiasts! And is now subject to a comprehensive restoration!

Plenty of work to do for Ashley and his team!! But we'll worth the effort to save another one of the very few!!

Norfolk Agricultural contractor Robert White in action with his 2 865s Rob has a long experience with these Brantford built machines! Spending several years custom cutting with legendary Contractor Dale Starks Across the American wheat belt!! You can catch up with Robs experiences custom cutting with his excellent book entitled Starkes Harvesters!! A must read if you have ever wondered what the job entails!!

Another shot here of Robs 2 combines in action with his Godson also called Robert White using his 1983 855 (centre)with 14 ft Marquette power flow, helping Rob with his annual harvest run in Norfolk.

Another Norfolk contractor who still run 865s is Kevin and Steven Clarke, who recently have added another 865 to their fleet totalling now 6 865s !! Here in the Uk and run a further 3 Masseys in the USA custom cutting.

A formidable line up even today!! Kevin and Steven's collection. These combines handle several hundred acres each year contracting and also their own acreage in Norfolk

This 415 was purchased from a farm auction at Biggleswade in 2012 and now belongs to Andy Dick from Peterborough, it's seen here loaded up for the trip home!!

After a lot of Tlc Andy has the combine back up to working order in 2013

This is a very tidy 415 and thanks to Andy's care and attention it lives on to harvest the ever growing crops!!

Just take a look at the condition of this Massey 29!! This can only be described as exceptional!! Full credit to its owner who unfortunately I do not have a name!!

It takes a lot of effort to keep a combine in this condition, but with the poor returns currently and the huge financial outlay of new machines, it makes economic sense for many to look after what they have!!

What I do know it has a very careful Irish owner!! No surprise there ! For sure!!

Myles O'Reilly Marquette built 530 in mint condition still performing every season.

530 in action!

Aerial shot of 530 a brochure picture if ever I seen one!!