The Brantford Phoenix!!

The following photos are of the Brantford built Phoenix today! This Combine was named the Phoenix to symbolize the start of a new era in Combine production at Brantford, and also it celebrated the Harvest brigade in those early Massey Harris pioneering days when harvesting mechanization was in its infancy.

Despite Masseys bold attempts to push their harvesting business in those very troubled times, sadly within a couple of years record debts and world wide recession, it was just not to be, and this very special model after demonstrating at the various farm shows was sold off and dissapeared from the public domain !! Until now!!

The following photos were sent to me by my overseas correspondent!!? Cameron McKay as you can see the Combine has seen better days and has probably worked hard most of her life, but it's just great to see that it's relatively in reasonable order.

For privacy I will refrain from publishing the combines whereabouts and also the farming family's name.

For sure here at Stratton on the fosse the team here would love the opportunity to refurbish this combine, but it's future probably would be better stateside and we all hope a happy outcome awaits this very special combine.

It is said the combines colour scheme was copied from the John player Special racing car which was also black and gold, and one of the design team thought it would look that bit special! Which it actually does.i

Farm progress show Iowa 1984

Sat outside the huge Brantford combine plant, awaiting her busy exhibitions across the States. Photo courtesy of Ray Bianchi.

The Phoenix today!! Her best years behind her, but hopefully her future may just warrant going into a collection as a lasting legacy of this pioneering company.

The Phoenix emblem still clear to see despite its age.

The table (header) lies in the undergrowth!!

You can just make out the Harvest Brigade badge under the oil cooler intake!! With It's black and gold paintwork now long faded, let's hope this Phoenix rises from its current position some time soon!!