An early model 1973 Kilmarnock built 525 seen here in action on a Wiltshire Farm date unknown.

A lovely harvest scene here.

The smaller MF logo on rear hood confirms one of the very early models produced.

A close up of the cab! These were nicknamed coffins!? Not only because they resembled an up turned coffin! But more importantly they sent many combines fitted with them to an early grave?
As the wiring harness was routed through the cab panel and with the constant vibrations of working it didn’t take long to wear through and cause an electrical short, which resulted in a fire the deadly enemy of a Combine.

A dusty summer scene.

As darkness falls the harvest continues! With this shot you can see the cab top chiller! This was a rudimentary form of air con! In its day having a cab would of been a luxury, but on a very hot day even with a chiller it was very tough going!

A close up of combine with the Table (header) removed. You can just see some buckled elevator slats.
A very special thank you to Sam Butler for sharing these classic photos.