Some of the very first models of Massey Harris 21s in the UK bringing in the harvest for this large arable company in the UK

This really was the start of the harvest revolution, that would change this industry for ever!

Massey 760s in action here on South Island New Zealand recent photo.
C/o Cameron Mackay

Chris Hodgsons 4 865s in action 2014 North East England.

Quite possibly the only remaining Brantford built rotary still working in the UK today?

Custom cutting with 760s and 860s in North Dakota , a very common sight back in the seventies and eighties

Massey Combine demonstrator Bob Dolphin seen here demonstrating the quick attach table (header) on this new Massey 525.

The first season for this 760 seen here in the UK

This prototype the next generation of Brantford built combines to follow on from the successful 860! Sadly only a couple of these TX models were built and trialled before the legendary company folded with crippling depths.

This 415 still earning its keep in the Nort East of England!

A proud owner stands beside his 410 stateside, these were the backbone of harvesting until the introduction of the 750 and 760 in 1971 and there are still many being used today worldwide.

A custom harvest fleet and service vehicles pose for a photo! Quite a big outfit stateside.

A great period shot of 2 780s bringing in the Harvest in the English countryside.

John and Linda Collingbourns mint Marquette built 800 in action in Wales UK

One of the biggest single orders of Massey Harris combines in the World, 96 combines! Heading out to the great prairie Stateside.

More to come!